We have gathered a Team of the Best Yoga Teachers in India

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Are you interested in becoming a Professional Yoga Teacher?

If so, then you have found the right program, and if not, please note that training is also designed to take the student’s practice to the ‘next level’ if they are prepared while delivering the skills and knowledge required to teach an outstanding power yoga class. This program focuses on physical anatomy, alignment, teaching techniques, drsthi, chakras, meditation, spiritual scriptures, breathing techniques, healing sequences, usage of props, and much more! I’ve included for you below the list of our Yoga Teachers.



Founder of Mahakaal Yogpeth and Bhaurav Temple

The Founder of Mahakaal yogpeeth. He is also a founder of Bhairav temple. Maharaj Ji was undoubtedly blessed by Lord Shiva, the epitome of knowledge and mercy. He became a devotee of God Shiva and from long-time he is living with a monastic life.

Swami Atmatatwananda Saraswati


Lead Teacher

Personal Details:
Kapil began teaching Yoga in the year 2014. He also specializes in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Therapy. He has a teaching experience of 12 years, including 8 years in vietnam. He used to work California Fitness & Yoga in vietnam . He conducted numerous Master classes and Yoga Workshops on various topics, during that time. He completed his MA Yoga degree from Gurukaul kangdi university.

Yogi ajay


Personal Details:
Ajay began teaching Yoga in the year 2010 and paid a visit to China as a guest teacher in 2012. He continued teaching yoga in India after coming back, but was invited to California Fitness & Yoga center, in Vietnam, where he ended up spending a period of six years. He conducted numerous Master classes and Yoga Workshops on various topics, during that time.

He teaches the following:Yoga: Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Stretch & Twist, Yoga Alignment, Six Cleansing processMeditation: Asana & Pranayama, Four phases meditation, Chakra meditationYoga Philosophy Classes: Vedanta philosophy, Samkhya philosophy, Patanjali Yogasutra, Geeta, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda samhita,Mantra Classes: Vedic Mantra Chanting, Divine god mantra chanting, Bhajana (spiritual songs)Anatomy: Yoga anatomy, Basic human anatomy

Yogi shubham-rana

Shubham Rana

Born in Uttarakhand Rishikesh. Yogi Shubham has experience in the field of Hatha yoga, ashtanga style of yoga. He completed his Post - graduate Yoga from Uttarakhand open university. He has been practicing yoga for the last 6 years. He completed his 200 - hour yoga teacher training program at Rudra yogpeeth.

Yogi nitin

Nitin Verma

Nitin verma , RYT 500, specialist yoga Philosophy Classes: Vedanta philosophy, Samkhya philosophy, Patanjali Yogasutra, Being born and brought up in Rishikesh – the land of yogic wisdom, the science of yoga comes naturally to him. He is a motivated Yoga Instructor. He has done various Certifications, Diploma and Post Graduation in Yogic Science.

Yogi Sanjay-Rawat

Sanjay Rawat

Sanjay Rawat ji is an experienced and passionate Yoga Instructor with over four years of teaching experience and advanced training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa approaches. Committed to providing extensive instruction and counseling to the students, while motivating them to find true inner peace and their healthiest self. He is Adept in creating powerful teaching plans that aim to support and benefit each and every student. Bringing forth a love and respect for the art of yoga, and all that it encompasses.

Yogi Yogi-Vikal-Sajwan

Vikal Sajwan

Vikal is another efficient yoga teacher who has studied the Master of yoga and Mediation at AYM school . He shares his knowledge on pranayama and mediation with students and his commitment and passion are contagious.

Yogi Pramod Sahoo

Bipin Rawat

Born in Uttarakhand Rishikesh. Yogi Bipin Rawat has experience in the field of Mantra, Mediation and Pranayama. He completed his 200 - hour yoga teacher training program at Rudra yogpeeth. He completed his post - graduated from HNB Garhwal University.

What Our Happy Students Say About Us
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Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh Review
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Attending Mahakaal Yogpeeth was a life-changing experience for me. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. The serene atmosphere, combined with the authentic teachings, made my 200hrs Yoga teacher training truly transformative. I highly recommend this school to anyone seeking a genuine and enriching yoga journey

Emma Johnson

200 Hour Yoga TTC
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Mahakaal Yogpeeth exceeded all my expectations. The dedication of the teachers and the holistic approach to yoga create a unique and inspiring learning environment. From the well-structured curriculum to the spiritual guidance, every aspect is designed to nurture personal growth. Grateful for this profound experience!


200 Hour Yoga
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Choosing Mahakaal Yogpeeth for my 100hrs Yoga teacher training was the best decision. The curriculum is comprehensive, and the instructors are not only experts in their field but also compassionate mentors. The accommodation and meals provided were top-notch, creating a supportive and uplifting atmosphere for my yoga journey.

Sophie Dubois

200 Hour Yoga TTC Rishikesh
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I can't express enough how grateful I am for my time at Mahakaal Yogpeeth. The 300hrs Yoga teacher training was a challenging yet deeply rewarding experience. The personalized attention from the teachers and the sense of community among students made it feel like a second home. Thank you, Mahakaal Yogpeeth, for a truly transformative experience!

Maria Gomez

100 Hour Yoga TTC